Sex & Society

Have you ever noticed what a strange attitude our society, (and many others), has towards sex.
We as a species are here on this planet because generations of males & females had sex and made babies. Sex is fundamental to the continuation of our species and indeed most other species on the planet.
I would not be here writing this piece if my parents had not had sex. And hopefully enjoyed it!

However, our language does not seem to have a proper word for it.
The word ‘sex’ itself has many contexts, one of them is a euphemism for …. well there isn’t word for it except for violent ones that get used in other contexts and some borrowed out of normal context, ‘screw’ for example.

So we refer to it, (if we have to refer to it at all), in euphemisms ‘making love’, ‘procreate’, ‘sexual intercourse’, ‘coitus’, ‘sleeping with’, ‘go to bed with’ anything but acknowledge a normal and joyful activity that has ensured the continuation of our species for thousands of years. Without it we wouldn’t be here.

The Australians in their own innocent way came up with an expression in the 1970s, (actually I think it was Barry Humphries, the creator of Barry Mckenzie and Dame Edna Everidge), that sums up the cultural attitude.

It contains the fear and repression of the Victorians, a hint of forbidden pleasure and the suggestion that ‘nice’ people don’t do it.

It’s ‘having a naughty’.

That’s it isn’t it? The very thing that keeps us going as a species, the very thing that enables us to enjoy the company of our children and grand children, the very thing that provides meaning of life we have no real name for. All we know is that it is ‘naughty’.

The joyous and pleasurable act of creating new life, (or just practicing), is reduced to euphemisms or technical terms like coitus, sexual intercourse, terms that are also used to express violence and hopelessness and the curious, but culturally apt, ‘having a naughty’.

Nothing to describe the joy and pleasure of sexual relations, (there’s another euphemism!). It is what keeps us human beings … being.

Any ideas anyone?

I rather like the cute little term that doesn’t really have any other meaning and is gentle and expressive at the same time and that is ‘bonk’.
I’ve no idea where it came from but since it only refers to one thing and is inoffensive it seems to fit.

The same sorts of taboos and ‘head in the sand’ attitudes also seem to apply to the topic of this site. Lingerie. In this sites context lingerie helps accentuate the sexuality of a women’s body and increasing the excitement and pleasure in a relationship. This increases the chances of new life being created and keeps the human species going!

Oh! There is lingerie for men as well.

Sex an Society.


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